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Temporally Confused

"It's time to pear the conundrum, Pancake," said the octopus fervently.

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I'm a bit of a geek, well "a bit" is somewhat an understatement but first impressions are important and all that. :) I'm really into classic literature, fairy tales, and old legends like King Arthur, Irish folklore, and Greek mythology. I enjoy writing, drawing, dancing, singing, and all those artsy things that creativity sparks. I also really like science fiction, especially Doctor Who, and I spent a lot of time geeking out over shows, making plushies of the characters, dressing up as my favorites for events, and overall obessing about it. Lingustics are a huge interest and I am trying to learn Spanish as well as Japanese. In recent years I have found interest in some anime and manga but only the ones that don't go too far into misticism, smut, or gore. I like family friendly stories but I'm okay with it if the character gets beat up a bit. ;)